Fantasy Faire 2015 (RFL in Second Life)

The meaning of Fantasy Faire

Everyone has their own reason to be at, and support the Faire, yet it is also the same one. There are many people for whom cancer is a very personal story. They may be fighting it themselves, know a close friend or relative who is, but I think just about everyone knows someone who has been taken by it. More importantly, more and more people are not only fighting but defeating it!

Looking around the Faire, I wanted to take time to see the areas dedicated to messages of all kinds, from those giving memories, fighting like hell themselves or offering words of support and encouragement.

You would need a heart of stone not to be affected while looking around these places and reading the many messages. I know it affected me and made me think of those I have lost, especially my uncle who doesn’t have long to live with what is now terminal cancer and a relative with an absolute heart of gold who I miss every day. Not so long ago, people thought of ‘The C Word’ as a death sentence, but now, thanks to the support for research, there are better treatments now than ever before. With your help there will be even better treatments, better understanding and many more survivors!

A string of messages at Poppetsborough



Why Do You Relay? At Fairelands Junction



For more information please see the official Fantasy Faire website.


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