Relay For Life 2015

Since I have been missing Fantasy Faire so much¬†after it finished it’s wonderful to have another RFL event to look forward to! I always find that these events bring the best people of SL together. The time, effort, imagination, creativity that goes into these events is nothing short of breath-taking. There is a real spirit of camaraderie, everyone wants it to be a special experience so put their heart and soul into it.

The events this weekend are absolutely jammed! Stop getting frustrated trying to get into Hair Fair and drop by, have some fun and if you can, make a donation, it may help save someone’s life ūüôā



Fantasy Faire 2015 (RFL in Second Life)

All the fun of the Faire

Of course, there is a LOT of fun to be had, it’s an amazing effort put in by the creators, event organiser and performers. One thing that really strikes you if you spend a bit of the time there is the sense of community. As someone said to me, there is no ego here, just fun and love and respect. This is a side of SL that you see all too infrequently sometimes that it actually surprises you!

The creative folks who put together these gorgeous sim’s were as approachable as can be, here’s some of them together at a Q&A session they put together at one of my favourite spots, in Ichi-go Ichi-e.

Builders Q&A

A great opportunity to ask them what inspired their creations, technical questions or any mishaps that occurred when putting it all together. One of my favourite ones from that was when one of them, being almost at the end of the process somehow managed to give all the buildings a pink furry roof by mistake ūüôā See, they are human after all, that sounds like something I would do ūüėČ

Apparently, it’s a bit of an annual tradition where one of the builders creates some slightly chaotic form of transport for going crashing through all of the sim’s in style. A little like a London Bus Tour but with more carnage. Last year was a kind of ‘Love Shack’ inspired by the B52’s song, on wheels. This year continued the theme with the Rock Lobster bus!

Rock Lobster Bus

I wasn’t entirely convinced that it wasn’t dangerous, but after being assured it was perfectly safe and the penguin driving it hadn’t been drinking (much) it was all aboard!

This all proved to completely and utterly correct, well, mostly, as we bumped our way through the various FF sim’s, only gently maiming innocent passers by, getting caught doing loop the loops at sim crossings, losing several passengers we still can’t find and trying to find our way out of ditches or holding our breath as we went underwater.

Thankfully, no lobsters were harmed on the tour.

The last event that I saw at the Faire was put together by ColeMarie who makes some great particle wear, check out her store here. This was set at the same location as the builders Q&A and involved an amazing particle display to gorgeous music playing out. It really was beautiful and emotional, which I think everyone who was there would agree with.

Here is a glimpse of what we saw (the pictures don’t really do it justice)

ichi particles_001

ichi particles2_001

ichi particles5_001

The atmosphere during and after the show was incredible and the setting was beautiful.

At the time of blogging, Fantasy Faire has raised an incredible 7.8 million L$ or $31,600 which is an incredible amount for a small but dedicated group of people that brought together many thousands in a common cause.

The Faire may be over for another year but I met some wonderful people, who shared laughs, tears, wonder and inspiration together. Anyone who has ever read articles in the press about Second Life would never know the good it can be capable of when inspiring and remarkable people come together.

Is it time for Fantasy Faire 2016 yet please? ūüôā

Fantasy Faire 2015 (RFL in Second Life)

The meaning of Fantasy Faire

Everyone has their own reason to be at, and support the Faire, yet it is also the same one. There are many people for whom cancer is a very personal story. They may be fighting it themselves, know a close friend or relative who is, but I think just about everyone knows someone who has been taken by it. More importantly, more and more people are not only fighting but defeating it!

Looking around the Faire, I wanted to take time to see the areas dedicated to messages of all kinds, from those giving memories, fighting like hell themselves or offering words of support and encouragement.

You would need a heart of stone not to be affected while looking around these places and reading the many messages. I know it affected me and made me think of those I have lost, especially¬†my uncle who doesn’t have long to live with what is now terminal cancer and¬†a relative with an absolute heart of gold who I miss every day. Not so long ago, people thought of ‘The C Word’ as a death sentence, but now, thanks¬†to the support for research, there are better treatments now than ever before. With your help there will be even better treatments, better understanding and many more survivors!

A string of messages at Poppetsborough



Why Do You Relay? At Fairelands Junction



For more information please see the official Fantasy Faire website.

Fantasy Faire 2015 (RFL in Second Life)

What is Fantasy Faire?

Fantasy Faire 2015 is a collection of 13 ‘sim’s‘ from the imagination of some of Second Life’s most creative talents. An annual event taking place over 10 days to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. A mix of beautiful places to explore, packed with stores (with a special faire hunt), a variety of events including readings from the late Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, a particle show from Tansee that left me quite speechless, dance performances from the talented NIght Theater, fabulous DJ’s, the ever popular Jail and Bail, plus much more!

Check out the official Fantasy Faire website and the current totals raised for Relay For Life, I’m still in awe that little old Second Life and its inhabitants can raise more than 6.5 million lindens or $26,500 in such a short space of time.

My first Fantasy Faire

I have obviously been living under a rock somewhere as this was my first FF and I could honestly slap myself for not being aware of this event earlier. It just so happened that a friend of mine¬†told me¬†that she was creating something for the event which got me curious, and of course was keen to show her some support. I had a little while before it opened so I decided to try and find a fantasy look for myself, any excuse for a good shopping trip right? This was a great decision in the end as I felt much more at home in this fantasy world than I would have otherwise. You don’t have to be a wealthy SL citizen to join in the fun, find a pair of free wings if your L$ balance is low, a little bit of dress up really adds to the experience. I had never really been one to dress up in fantasy costume before, now I wonder why I hadn’t done it sooner! I often found myself just looking around, admiring the creativity that had gone into everyone’s¬†outfits.

Being a complete newbie to FF I was grateful someone sent me a notecard with landmarks to the different areas to visit. Poppetsborough was my first stop, based around the idea of a children’s pop up book.


With FF having just begun the place was packed, with people appearing all around me. Fairies with their delicate wings, mermaids with their swishing tails and some strange characters that I really couldn’t identify but impressive nonetheless!

A little wander through Poppetsborough trying to find somewhere a little quieter I came across Poseidon’s Abyss where I would soon discover a series of amazing shows would take place.

Poseidon's Abyss3_001

Poseidon's Abyss2_001

I think it was when I eventually reached Sylvan Of Spells that I realised I was going to be hooked. Just walking around here was jaw dropping to me, I wanted to live there! A really beautiful sim where someone had obviously been using a radioactive watering can to feed the grass as it was glowing so brightly. It was also, as I later discovered, home of the LitFest book readings and discussions.

Sylvan Of Spells_001

Pictures of a few of my favourite places




Wildehaven Marsh

Wildehaven Marsh_001

Spires Of Andolys

Spires Of Anolys_001

Ravenhold – Another place I want to live and never want to lose, it’s just so stunning!









Ichi-go Ichi-e

Ichi-go Inchi-e_001

Ichi-go Ichi-e2_001

There is a lot more to be said on Fantasy Faire and plenty more photo’s on my Flickr stream with even more to come there too. I will be adding more as soon as I get time, FF is still open at the time of posting so I don’t want to miss a thing!